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Crafting nature's gifts into luxurious skincare, a passion we share.

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Fostering beauty through nature's essence, handcrafted with care.


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Discover handcrafted natural skincare and candles, designed to nurture your body and elevate your space.

Hey there, welcome to Luxuriously Natural Soaps – your hub for a fantastic range of organic and natural products that cater to folks like you who are on the hunt for alternatives to those chemical-laden goods that seem to be everywhere these days. Our journey began back in 2008 when we realized that there was a real gap in the market for products that are not only natural but actually deliver results. It's not just about hopping on a trend; it's about providing solutions that truly work.

Our founder's passion for herbal and natural ingredients kicked off a journey of crafting her own hair conditioners, facial scrubs, and candles. It's all born out of a genuine love for what nature has to offer. After a corporate layoff in 2010, I dived even deeper into the realm of natural ingredients, leading to the birth of Luxuriously Natural Products & Gifts. Our goal? To empower you with the knowledge and inspiration to embrace the incredible benefits of herbs, oils, butters, and essential oils for your own self-care and revitalization.

Our ingredients? Sourced from around the world, handpicked for their excellence and effectiveness. Sure, fair trade and importing can sometimes impact prices, but we're committed to offering you great value for quality products.

We thrive on your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions. It's your input that keeps us evolving and innovating. And hey, if you're on a quest for a particular natural or organic ingredient or product, don't hesitate to drop us a line – we're here to help!

Jump onto our blog to delve deeper into wellness and health subjects, and also stay in the loop with our latest natural offerings. Let's embrace the gifts that nature provides, together!