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Hands and Feet Balm


Now you can add a little pampering to your skin wherever you go.  Comes in a nice handy tube for you to enjoy.
Formulated with you in mind with calendula, vitamin E, rosemary, and cocoa butter and shea butter.


Soothe your tired weary skin with our herbal balms. Balms provide superior protection and deeply nourish skin because they use plant oils, butters from nuts and fruit, and waxes such as beeswax. While our Hands and Feet Balm may feel greasier than lotion, those oils are doing their job at nourishing your skin.  Our luxurious balms are best for extremely dry areas such as the hands, joint areas, or the heels and feet.  Buy here to find a product that works for your skin type and your personal preferences.  We use only natural and organic ingredients to create our amazing feeling balms.

There are no harsh chemicals or parabens in any of our products.


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