Herbal Hair Mist Spray


Hair Mist Spray is infused with natural oils to shine and add moisture to your hair.

It’s like a hair mask in a bottle – it delivers rich moisture while restoring the health of your hair.

Just spritz onto wet or dry hair and leave it in as you style, do your makeup, or even sit at your desk.

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Our Herbal Hair Mist Spray is a good way to keep hair and scalp hydrated, which promotes stronger strands and healthier growth. Especially important for those with fine hair or normal hair that tends to get dry very easily. The ingredients in this Herbal Spray on Moisturizer work together to hydrate the scalp and lock that moisture in to give you soft, healthy-looking hair with a healthy shine. This product leaves no residue, but still delivers all of the benefits of a moisturizing product without making you greasy!

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