Bay Rum Scented Candle


If you love the scent of bay rum, but want to make sure that it’s not overpowering or overpoweringly sweet, our Bay Rum Scented Candle gives you just the right amount of aroma in a 8oz jar. This is a top favorite with our customers who have commented that they like the scent not just for fall parties but also for creating a heartwarming atmosphere on a cold winter day.

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Enjoy the warm and inviting aroma of the tropics with our Bay Rum Candle. This premium, clean burning candle can be used for hours and hours of enjoyment, creating a soothing atmosphere that relaxes all who surround it. The inspiring scent of fresh bay leaves, sweet orange peel, sandalwood and nutmeg come together to create this perfect relaxing candle.


This candle’s Bay Rum scent is a top favorite among our wonderful customers. The aroma is a warm, spicy and sweet fragrance that creates an inviting atmosphere on a cold winter day. You can enjoy this fragrance every day by making sure there is always a fresh melt available in your favorite scenting device.

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