White Tea and Ginger Cleansing Bar

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 Formulated with you in mind, we have used the highest quality ingredients of ginger-infused olive, coconut oil, castor oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, bentonite clay, goats milk and fragranced with White Tea and Ginger.


Our White Tea and Ginger Cleansing Bar is a Goat milk soap that is a gentle cleanser rich in fatty acids that can help support a healthy skin barrier to keep skin nourished and moisturized.  Moreover, its high lactic acid content may help exfoliate the skin, which may benefit those with acne.

Goat milk soap boasts high amounts of fats, particularly caprylic acid, allowing for gentle removal of dirt and debris without removing the skin’s natural fatty acids. Goat milk soap contains compounds that may exfoliate your skin.  Due to its gentle dirt-removing properties, it doesn’t strip your skin’s natural lipids or healthy bacteria.  using this soap will likely be a better alternative than soap made with strong and harsh surfactants that strip the skin’s natural barrier.

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