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  • Skincare Products

    Luxuriously Natural Deodorant

    clean cotton
    cool breeze
    evergreen pine
    lavender cedarwood
    white tea and ginger
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    Try our Luxuriously Natural Dry and Fresh Deodorant.  It helps neutralize odor and keeps you fresh with 24-hour odor protection. Dry and Fresh is enriched with magnesium and activated charcoal.

    • Aluminum-Free
    • Paraben-Free
    • Sulfate-Free
  • Natural Soap

    Aloe Facial Cleansing Bar

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    Gently remove dirt, grime, and other pollutants that attach to your skin with our Aloe Cleansing Bar.  This has a wonderful combination of natural oils – olive, coconut, grape, castor seed, cocoa butter, eucalyptus and avocado, and a lasting, pleasant, and natural scent.

  • Natural Handmade Coffee Scrub Soap
    Natural Soap

    Coffee Scrub Soap

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    Our Coffee Scrub Soap combines dual-action exfoliation (from ground coffee and the pomace olive oil in our formula) for skin that’s smooth and radiant. Made with love, naturally: 100% vegan, gluten free, and made with no parabens or sulfates.

  • Lotion made with goat milk
    Skincare Products

    Body Lotion

    Bay Rum
    Black Raspberry Vanilla
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    white tea and ginger
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    Goatmilk is naturally rich in vitamins A, B6, C, and E, as well as minerals. It’s the perfect solution for those with sensitive skin. Hands down natural skincare that nurtures vulnerable skin. Our goat milk lotion contains a combination of natural ingredients that are known to be beneficial for sensitive skin and help to protect from external factors such as harsh winter weather.

  • Natural body scrub with sea salt and natural ingredients
    Natural Soap

    Citrus Orchard Body Scrub

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    We’ve thrown out all the old rules. Your skin deserves to feel smooth and moisturized like never before.  Salt Scrub is a light treatment that harnesses minerals from the sea to buff away dead skin cells, leaving skin healthy and hydrated. It’s a feast for your senses, too, with a clean, crisp fragrance of citrusy bergamot and lime to invigorate each moment in the shower. Plus, it’s made with 100% natural ingredients, so not only does it work, it feels as good as it looks and smells.

  • Natural Soap

    Rugged Premium Cleansing Bar (for men)

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    Rugged Premium Cleansing Bar is an exotic powerful men’s fine fragrance cleansing bar with natural ingredients, that will leave his skin and hair feeling clean and moisturized. It provides a superior slip for a close shave that will not leave him feeling dry.

  • Activated Charcoal Soap
    Natural Soap

    Activated Charcoal Cleansing Bar

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    This cleansing bar is handcrafted with goat milk, activated charcoal, and tea tree essential oil.  It helps to cleanse impurities while reducing oiliness, inflammation and acne breakouts. Use this cleansing bar as a facial cleanser, or a body bar for sensitive skin.  Activated charcoal is 3 times more porous than regular charcoal, making it an excellent detoxifier for the body. Gentle and effective, this activated charcoal cleansing bar is suitable for facial skin care as well as cleansing your whole body.

  • Hand and Body Cream
    Skincare Products

    Hand and body cream with shea butter

    clean cotton
    Fresh Strawberries
    white tea and ginger
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    Experience the luxurious spreadability of our body butter. This natural product is made from shea butter and vitamins and is creamy, moisturizing, and spreads easily. Use it on your skin or as a daily moisturizer on problem dry areas such as your feet, elbows, and hands.

  • Aloe Vara Cleansing Bar
    Natural Soap

    Lemongrass and Mint Soap

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    Natural soap made with fresh lemongrass and mint herbs. Light lather. Our soap leave a refreshing scent with out being overpowering. Enjoy it today!

  • Sea Salt Body Scrub
    Natural Soap

    Vanilla Cream Sea Salt Body Scrub

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    We’ve combined sea salt and aloe vera gel with natural essential oils to create a unique exfoliating scrub that’s gentle enough for everyday use.

  • Natural Foot Balm
    Balms and Salve

    Hands and Feet Balm

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    Our rich formula of soothing, moisturizing oils and botanicals works to deliver soft, hydrated feet throughout the day, offering a clean and refreshing smell that lasts all day long.

  • Natural Soap

    White Tea and Ginger Cleansing Bar

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    Our soaps are made using the highest quality ingredients to ensure each bar is a premium product that you will love. Fantastic not only in its ability to clean and soothe the skin but in its ability to relax the mind.  A top favorite of all our customers.

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