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  • Lotion made with goat milk
    Skincare Products

    Body Lotion

    Bay Rum
    Black Raspberry Vanilla
    citrus garden
    cool breeze
    cucumber melon
    white tea and ginger
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    Goatmilk is naturally rich in vitamins A, B6, C, and E, as well as minerals. It’s the perfect solution for those with sensitive skin. Hands down natural skincare that nurtures vulnerable skin. Our goat milk lotion contains a combination of natural ingredients that are known to be beneficial for sensitive skin and help to protect from external factors such as harsh winter weather.

  • Natural body scrub with sea salt and natural ingredients
    Skincare Products

    Citrus Orchard Body Butter

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    Our natural body butters are thicker and richer than body creams and they are suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

  • Hand and Body Cream
    Skincare Products

    Hand and body cream with shea butter

    clean cotton
    Fresh Strawberries
    white tea and ginger
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    Experience the luxurious spreadability of our body butter. This natural product is made from shea butter and vitamins and is creamy, moisturizing, and spreads easily. Use it on your skin or as a daily moisturizer on problem dry areas such as your feet, elbows, and hands.

  • Muscle Rub Salve
    Hair Care

    Herbal Hair Cream

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    Herbal hair cream is a botanically based formula that brings out the natural beauty in your hair. It can be used on all types of hair, and will tame static, frizz, and flyaway. Herbal Hair Cream restores elasticity, moisture and shine to your hair.

  • Deep Woods Soap for Men soap
    Natural Soap

    Deep Woods Men’s Bath Bar

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    The Deep Woods Men’s Bath Bar is a unique scent with musky undertones.  Our woodsy scents will delight the senses and our long lasting, silky lather will leave your skin feeling comfortable.

    Nice 5oz size bars for the man’s hands.

  • Pine Tar Soap
    Natural Soap

    Pine Tar Cleansing Bar

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    Pine Tar soap is a strong soap formulated with high quality ingredients such as coconut oil, olive, palm oil, lard, castor oil, shea butter, pine tar, sea salt, bentonite clay and tea tree oil and pine tar. Please consult your physician to address any and all medical conditions, as we make no claims to medical remedies.

  • Hand and Body Cream
    Skincare Products

    Cool Breeze Body Butter

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    With a creamy texture and the feel of real butter on your skin, our Body Butter moisturizes and protects naturally. Our product is made from shea butter and vitamins for real skincare. Scented like a fresh day at the beach! Lightly scented with a blend of clean cotton type, lavender, musk, bergomot.

  • Men's Grooming Products

    Smooth Citrus Shaving Soaps for Men

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    5 oz bars (Approximately)

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