Natural Soaps

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  • Lavender Cedarwood Cleansing Bar

    Appeal to your sense of relaxation with a creamy thick lather of lavender to envelope your skin and leave you feeling so soft and supple.

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  • Luxuriant Bouquet Cleansing Bar

    Luxuriant Bouquet Cleansing Bar is infused with ingredients that are gentle and skin safe. Relish the nice fragrant blend of coconut lime verbena, black raspberry and vanilla all rolled into one luscious bar!

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  • Luxuriously Natural Bath Oil

    Our Natural Bath Oil will provide a powerful way to melt stress and make life more enjoyable while pampering your skin. Formulated with the finest of ingredients, essential oils and herbs such as jojoba oil, vitamin E, avocado oil.

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  • Milk and Honey Bath Bar

    An old-time favorite of many. We formulated this with locally harvested honey right here in North Carolina, USA. We also added the highest quality oils, butters, and locally harvested honey for your enjoyment.

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    Pine Tar Handmade Cleansing Bar

    Pine Tar soap is a strong soap formulated with high quality ingredients such as coconut oil, olive, palm oil, lard, castor oil, shea butter, pine tar, sea salt, bentonite clay and tea tree oil and pine tar. Please consult your physician to address any and all medical conditions, as we make no claims to medical remedies.

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  • Sandalwood Cleansing Bar

    Sandalwood is a cleansing bar with a soft earthy scent mixed with a little spice.  This soft lingering lather as you bathe will send you back in time to another time and place.

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  • Shaving Soaps

    Smooth Citrus Shaving Soaps for Men

    5 oz bars (Approximately)

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  • Spice for Men Bath Bar

    Add a little spice to your life, men. Yes you can pamper your skin too. Try our Spice for men bath bar. Lightly fragranced with a clean spicy fragrance that is not overwhelming your senses. Lots of shea butter to soothe your skin. Specially formulated in the United States with natural and organic ingredients. Your skin will love you for it. Ingredients include coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, vitamin E, beeswax, glycerin and essential oil.

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  • Tea Tree and Oatmeal Cleansing Bar

    Who doesnt love pampering their skin with oatmeal? We used madder root clay to extract impurities from your skin. A really luscious bar of soap with a creamy soothing lather that will not leave your skin feeling stripped of its oils. Formulated coconut oil, aloe, shea butter, olive oil, castor oil, vitamin E, sea salt, oatmeal and tea tree.

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  • Tea Tree Vanilla Cleansing Bar

    This is a luscious bar of soap with lather that will leave your  skin moisturized and soft. Oatmeal added for easing irritated skin. Nice soft fragrance of patchouli and vanilla essential oils.

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