Making products with natural botalicals

About Us

About Us

Family-owned and operated company
specializing in making natural bath and body products and candles.

Sonya Black
Full-time bath and body products maker

At Luxuriously Natural Soaps, we offer a wide range of organic and natural products that are carefully crafted to meet the needs of individuals and families looking to break away from harsh chemicals commonly found in today’s products. Our journey started in 2008 when we noticed a gap in the market for natural products that actually work. Our founder, inspired by her love for herbal and natural ingredients, began making her own hair conditioners, facial scrubs, and candles and decided to share her creations with others.

After being laid off from a corporation in 2010, our founder took the opportunity to delve deeper into the world of natural ingredients and started selling her creations under the name Luxuriously Natural Products & Gifts. Our mission is to educate and inspire others on the benefits of using natural ingredients like herbs, oils, butters, and essential oils for self-care and rejuvenation.

We source our ingredients from all over the world, carefully selecting only the best and most effective ones to incorporate into our products. Our prices may vary due to fair trade policies and importing costs, but we always strive to keep them as low as possible.

We welcome feedback, comments, and suggestions from our customers and encourage you to share our products with your friends and family. If there’s a natural or organic ingredient or product you’re searching for, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll do our best to help you.

Join us on our blog to learn more about health and wellness topics, as well as to stay updated on our latest natural product offerings. Let’s embrace the gifts of nature together!

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 We utilize premium ingredients for a high quality, skin pampering, aromatic experience to be cherished forever.

Would you like to see just what we create in our studio?  Follow us on our Youtube channel.  There we will share how we make our products, chat and discuss everything bath and body with you.  Also, you can follow us on Instagram  Come join in the fun.  We’d love to see you.   We share what ingredients we feel are so valuable for you and your relaxation.


Excellent service! The soaps made my hands feel so soft! My favorite is the Oatmeal, milk and honey. I highly recommend Luxuriously Natural Soaps any day!.

— Nadine H.

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